The Tomato Festival

Economic event with the aim of presentation and promotion of tomato production and processing, as well as other agricultural cultures in the Municipality of Lebane.


The Theodora Festival

The electronic music festival that takes place at the end of July. The festival has been promoting the archeological site of Caricin grad.

At first it was designed to promote the site where it was held, in the front of the Visitor center ,,Theodora”. 

Lately it is held at the Stadium of The FC Radan in Lebane under the stars of the night sky.

Gathering of Miholje

Sports and economic event promoting lifestyle of the countryside.

Participants in sports games, cultural programs and exhibitions are residents of rural settlements within the municipality of Lebane.

The event takes place in villages during two days in October. 

Saint Tryphon

The glory of St. Tryphon is commemorated by ceremonial cutting of the vineyard in the early morning of the 14th of February.  The owners of vineyards celebrate with the traditional bread and beverage followed by the toasts. The appropriate cultural program is held at the House of Culture “Radan” at the evening. 

Solemn liturgy procession

The event is organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. John in Lebane. After the holy liturgy in the morning, a solemn procession of priests, representatives of public and private companies, schools, associations, families with children and individuals walk along the main road to ,,the votive oak” with prayers for spiritual purification. Upon his return, a cultural program in the spirit of Orthodoxy is held in the port of the church, accompanied by a snack. This event is held at the first Saturday after the festival of St.Trinity. 

To Our City

The Cup in Professional Boxing “To Our City” gathers international competitors in several categories in the men’s and women’s leagues. It is held at the first half of July.

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