The archaeological site of great importance “The Empress City” from the 6th century, represents the remains of the architecture of the early Byzantine ecclesiastical center of Justiniana Prima, whose founder was The emperor Justinian the first.

The narrow urban core surrounded by ramparts covers an area of about 10 hectares and had not suffer additions in the manner of time.

The wider area covered more than 40 hectares with two more ramparts’ rings, the banks of two rivers: Svinjaricka and Caricinska with a dam and a lake.
The fortification is an authentic urban solution common to the cities of the Roman Empire at the beginning of the Byzantine era, with 4 main gates, forums, thermal baths and other public buildings. Floor mosaics are of special value, they decorated the floors of basilicas and public baths.

There are legends related to this locality that are still told by the people, about the emperor who publicly promised his daughter’s hand to someone who managed to bring water to the city and how that lucky man was, not others, but a young pig farmer from a nearby village.

The site is six kilometers away from the center of Lebane. The National Museum of Leskovac manages the site, where movable objects found at the site are exhibited.