Visitor Center “Theodora”

Facility with accommodation, food and conference room

The visitor center “Theodora” is located in the immediate vicinity of the archeological site “Caricin grad”.

There are eight rooms with a total capacity of 18 beds (six rooms are the two-bedded and two are three-bedded). Each room with TV and air conditioning suits for every season of the year. The restaurant is of 40 seats indoors and another 60 seats on the terrace. The menu includes ready-made dishes of local cuisine and barbecue. The conference hall is of 50 seats, equipped for meetings, seminars and workshops.

The yard of the visitor center is enriched with furniture for children to play.

To the nearby church of St. Elias is a circular path for walking up to one kilometer long. On the place where the church is today, there are remains from the Roman era, so archaeologists assume that this place was the village where The great Emperor Justinian I was born.