Author: Irena Anđelković



  Don’t miss your chance to see the Best of the Tomato festival 2023. in Lebane, Serbia. Perfect for tomato admirers and all those who grow, protect and sell this heavenly paradise vegetable. We provide a great atmosphere and entertaining programs beginning 21. until 23. July 2023. Take a look, buy, participate in economic agricultural […]


“The Easter egg brings a new life”

The Easter Humanitarian Bazaar takes place on a holiday Good Friday. Activities for children that will be organized in front of the Culture center “Radan” include: painting of the Easter eggs, a music workshop, a ballet dance of the “Dandelion” ballet school, sports games, an exhibition of children’s art works, and a humanitarian bazaar. See […]


“Flower Garden”

The spring exhibition “Flower Garden” will be held on April 21 and 22, 2022, at the promenade in Lebane. As there are a large number of producers of garden flowers within the municipality of Lebane, we came up with the idea to gather all of them in one place at the sales exhibition. Come to […]